How to See and Manage Linked Devices in Signal

Signal messaging app is secured and takes user’s privacy seriously. Signal app is currently available for smartphone devices, but if you wish to access the same account on your tablet or PC, then you have to follow some simple steps. By default, Signal app receives messages on smartphones, but after connecting an additional device with the Signal app, you can receive messages on the connected device and smartphone as well.



Microsoft is known for providing various great features and tools within its Windows operating system. And Windows 10 also comes with a lot of useful options that aim to provide its users with the best computing experience. And among all the functionalities, PowerShell is also a useful and powerful feature of Windows 10 that allows you to perform several tasks on your Windows computer system with much ease. Now, this feature is enabled by default on your Windows 10 computer as the Microsoft company is pushing a lot of users to switch to PowerShell instead of Command Prompt. The company has taken this step because the PowerShell is a much more feature-rich and powerful tool than the regular Command Prompt functionality. Undoubtedly, it can be the best tool included in Windows 10. But for some reason, there may be some users who might want to disable this functionality on their Windows computer.


A Guide to Get an Always-on-Top Calculator in PC Games on Windows 10

All operating systems come with some inbuilt programs. And some of them can be pretty handy. And like all other operating systems, Windows 10 also includes some important inbuilt applications. For instance, the calculator app was included in Windows 10 from the beginning. This app has always been useful for all of us as it includes standard, scientific, and programmer modes, along with a unit converter. Windows 10 has always provided its users with various great features, and that is the main reason for its popularity. Along with the inbuilt applications, Windows 10 also includes some other important features. Among all the functionalities, “Always on Top” is also a useful feature. Do you know about this feature? Do you also use Windows 10 on your computer system? The “Always on Top” feature enables the users to keep a window always on the top. Accessing this functionality is also easy.


Acer Swift 5: A Detailed Review
When it comes to purchasing light laptops there are some really good options like LG’s Gram 13, Asus’s ExpertBookB9450, Acer’s Swift 7, Dynabook’s Portege X30L-G. But all of these laptops are either overpriced or a step down in performance if compared to Acer’s Swift 5. The 2.31-pound laptop is one of the lightest on the planet and it comes with a real-deal processor which makes it ideal for a mainstream consumer audience. Acer Swift 5 costs $1,299.99 and is a solid all-rounder that can be used for multiple purposes. The laptop can surprise anyone with its performance despite its small size.Source:
Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Redeems Himself With An Ultra Instinct Alternative
Goku’s Ultra Instinct abilities made him stand next to Lord Beerus. Thanks to the Battle Of Gods tournament arc, Jiren pushed Goku to his limits, and while they shove around the Spirit Bomb on each other, Goku’s last resort made him almost invincible. But what’s there for Vegeta in all this? Can he master Ultra Instinct, or does he have an alternative?Source:
Asus has been one of the most innovative laptop manufacturers of the last few years. They have introduced new features to the global laptop market that were previously never even imagined. With its consistent pursuit of excellence, it is all set to become the biggest player in the laptop market in the coming decade. At CES 2021, Asus revealed ROG Flow X13 which is undoubtedly going to be one of the best laptops of this year.Source:
Oxygen OS 11 Open Beta Is Now Available For OnePlus 7 And 7T
OnePlus is an amazing smartphone company that offers high-quality smartphones at a very reasonable price. Unlike the South Korean tech giant, Samsung, Apple’s main competitor, OnePlus sits right between the two. And there is no doubt that for the past five years or so, OnePlus overcame borders and became the most-loved smartphone company in Asia and Europe.
Paul Greengrass’ Unmade Watchmen Movie Was Like The Joker

Paul Greengrass’s 2009 unmade Watchmen movie was similar to Todd Phillips’ Joker.

Recently director Greengrass shared his vision and approach of the Watchmen’s adaptation. He revealed that his ideas for the film were very different from the final execution of Zack Snyder’s version.

2009 Watchmen is a superhero movie based on the 1986 DC Comic character of the same name. The team of a writer, artist, and colorist including Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins created the maxiseries together. During the 2000s, Revolution Studios, Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures collaborated to adapt the comic book series. Director Greengrass was also initially attached to the project. However, the project underwent a development hell due to the budget dispute. Later the rights of the movie were bought by Warner Bros., and the studio hired Snyder for the direction.

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Rockstar Games Launcher not Working? Here are the Fixe

The Rockstar Games Launcher is one of the latest Windows desktop apps that enables you to simply and quickly access the PC collection of Rockstar Games from a single location. These consist of both disc-based and digital titles, including ones bought from digital stores. Many users are complaining that the Rockstar Games Launcher is not working on their device. If you are facing the same issue, then here are some solutions to help you out.