Oxygen OS 11 Open Beta Is Now Available For OnePlus 7 And 7T
OnePlus is an amazing smartphone company that offers high-quality smartphones at a very reasonable price. Unlike the South Korean tech giant, Samsung, Apple’s main competitor, OnePlus sits right between the two. And there is no doubt that for the past five years or so, OnePlus overcame borders and became the most-loved smartphone company in Asia and Europe.
Paul Greengrass’ Unmade Watchmen Movie Was Like The Joker

Paul Greengrass’s 2009 unmade Watchmen movie was similar to Todd Phillips’ Joker.

Recently director Greengrass shared his vision and approach of the Watchmen’s adaptation. He revealed that his ideas for the film were very different from the final execution of Zack Snyder’s version.

2009 Watchmen is a superhero movie based on the 1986 DC Comic character of the same name. The team of a writer, artist, and colorist including Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins created the maxiseries together. During the 2000s, Revolution Studios, Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures collaborated to adapt the comic book series. Director Greengrass was also initially attached to the project. However, the project underwent a development hell due to the budget dispute. Later the rights of the movie were bought by Warner Bros., and the studio hired Snyder for the direction.

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Rockstar Games Launcher not Working? Here are the Fixe

The Rockstar Games Launcher is one of the latest Windows desktop apps that enables you to simply and quickly access the PC collection of Rockstar Games from a single location. These consist of both disc-based and digital titles, including ones bought from digital stores. Many users are complaining that the Rockstar Games Launcher is not working on their device. If you are facing the same issue, then here are some solutions to help you out.

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Nuro Ready to Launch Autonomous Delivery Services

A specific group and community in humanity have the curiosity to continue the quest for driverless cars. Many have seen Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report that displays Lexus 2054, an autonomous vehicle with a manual overriding system. Movies and technology always moved concurrently to set a pace with time and humanity’s comfort. Self-driving cars that were once viewed as future technology now have taken shape and are ready to enter into realms of reality. One of the autonomous delivery startups, Nuro, has got clearance from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to launch commercial driverless cars and delivery related-services. Hence, now the public roads in California will witness the concept of autonomous car technology. Let’s explore what it means and how Nuro developed this methodology.


9 Best Shows You Can Watch on IMDb TV for Free

IMDb TV is one of the latest streaming services in the market. Amazon owns this service, and it features a vast library of old and new TV shows from a variety of genres and what makes this service special is that these shows are free to watch. You will not require a paid subscription to watch the quality content available on IMDb TV. However, this subsidiary service of Amazon Prime Video is available in the US only, but Amazon has plans to expand it to Europe in the coming times. If you are already excited about IMDb TV and wondering what some quality shows are available on this platform, then we have got you covered. In this article, we have listed the top IMDb TV shows. Let’s scroll down and find the top picks for you.


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Best AR Mobile Games That Promote An Active Lifestyle
The world of mobile gaming is expanding day by day. The graphics and UI of mobile gaming have been drastically enhanced in the past few years. AR mobile games play a crucial role in satisfying people who want to merge fun with an active lifestyle. Due to hectic daily schedules, most people cannot find time and ways to keep themselves active. But, AR mobile games have made things easier. There are various AR mobile games available in the market. Based on the location and online interaction, you can find a suitable game for your mobile devices to live an active lifestyle. In this article, we have listed some of the best AR mobile games to help you live an active lifestyle.Source:https://wabroot.citywikia.com/best-ar-mobile-games-that-promote-an-active-lifestyle/
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