Manor Lords: An Upcoming City-Builder With Medieval Battles
The recently announced game is impressive for various reasons. It is the combo of the city builder and real-time combat style based on Total-War. The game is currently in Early Access.
The developer of Manor Lords, Slavic Magic, unveiled the game’s trailer based on all-new strategies of the medieval time. The game trailer went viral very soon, which has a combination of large-scale realistic and organic city-building with tactical battles strategies. The online gamers are comparing the game to Stronghold, Banished, and Total War. Since the game has been developed by a single developer, so the developer is planning to release the game in early access later in the year 2020.
Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

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Artificial Intelligence nowadays is a very popular concept in the science and technology field. With its assistance, you can complete your work in much less time. This is because AI automates your work across many industries so that you can do your work in less time. Here are 8 best Artificial Intelligence apps that you can use on Android and iOS.

Hanna’ Season 2 Episode 3: Hanna Loses Marissa And Clara Both


In the third episode of the extremely popular show, ‘Hanna’, the protagonist Hanna tries to discover the area where The Meadows is located. She desperately wants to save her close friend Clara from the operatives of UTRAX. Right now the only way she can do this was by investigating Passway, which is a pharmaceutical corporation that carries out clinical tests. The excitement comes when she finds out that an employee of Passway has a delivery of implants to make for the trainees of all-new UTRAX operation. This is when she decides to follow him, as she believes that this will probably lead her to the new location of The Meadows, and help her get to Clara.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to Find the Buneary and Evolve It into the Lopunny
Buneary is one of the most precious Pokémon for Pokémon lovers around the world. Since the introduction of Buneary in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, it has earned a lot of popularity and now reappeared into Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor. Buneary and Lopunny both are way cute Pokémon, but you don’t see them fighting a lot. However, both Buneary and Lopunny carry a great variety of moves that you can try out. So if you don’t have these cute Pokémon, here is the best possible way to find Buneary in the Isle of Armor.
8 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To
Everybody loves podcasts because it takes no effort to listen to them. You can listen to them while traveling to work or between your lunch breaks or during your relaxing time. All you need is a set of earphones and an internet connection on your phone and you are good to go. Podcasts establish connections between the people and the host. The intimacy of audio makes us sense like we’re part of their cozy conversation. Also, we get to listen like we’re the only ones in the room. Here are 8 podcasts every entrepreneur should listen to.
Victoria Embankment to Host Huge Lionel Richie Concert Next Summer

The whole of England must be dancing right now because why not? The ultimate international music star Lionel Richie is going to appear for a major concert in Nottingham, England in the 2021 summer. A huge number of 18,000 tickets will be put on sale from next week to see the hitmaker, Lionel Richie at Victoria Embankment. He has a career of five decades, which is tremendous and the man is still going up. Few other special guests will join Lionel on the banks of the River Trent on Friday, June 11. However, the names of the guests have not been disclosed yet.
TikTok: Find & Use The Filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate’
If you are fascinated by the TikTok videos ‘Where is Your Soulmate,’ then you can also make your video. Here are the instructions you need to follow.
TikTok is popular among a large number of users all across the globe. It has been designed in such a way that you can make short videos and make it viral in just a few minutes. Those who know the right formula can become a big star with a huge fan following on this platform. However, the ways for making videos on the popular filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate’ is quite different from that videos users often make on TikTok but not so complicated. If you are also among those wondering how to make videos using the popular filter ‘Where is Your Soulmate,’ then it is not so difficult. But, you should have an account on the Instagram app after getting it downloaded.
Microsoft Teams Custom Backgrounds: Upload Your Image
The users of Microsoft Teams can upload their background images for calls through a video conferencing app. Microsoft is leveling up the field between the Teams app and the Zoom feature.
Microsoft has travelled far ahead in its quest to make its video chat feature Teams supreme and outstanding. It seems that the company has become successful in its pursuit. It is now supporting custom backgrounds, one of the most beloved features first adopted by video conferencing app, Zoom.
Need Amazon Fire HD Cases? Here is a List of the Best Cases in 2020

Recently the Amazon has updated the Fire HD that was launched in 2018 with some exciting upgrades. So, those who have this product or plan to purchase this product will need to buy some cases to protect them from physical damage. If you aren’t aware of these products, then here is a quick guide for you:
10 Much Needed Improvements in WWE 2K’s Next Game
The wrestling game of WWE 2K20 was not exactly a hit, and therefore to balance the issues in the future, the game’s developers have announced a spin-off title in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. However, that game isn’t part of the main series, which will get a new release sometime in the future. Still, a bit far away, there is a lot of room for improvement, and on the positive side, the developers have a lot of things to pick up from, and it makes sense to consider the improvements and additions that will make the next main entry worthy of purchase. So here are some points of improvement that the game absolutely needs for the fans to be re-invested in the series.