When it comes to cybersecurity, it is of utmost importance to secure all the PC layers to strengthen its defense. So, it is also essential to protect the core component in a PC, i.e., processors or chipsets. What if the security reaches the chipset architecture? There will be a rapid enhancement in terms of PC protection. The cybersecurity giant Sophos has announced that it will provide its flagship product (Intercept X) endpoint protection software to Qualcomm. This announcement is a giant leap towards Qualcomm’s 5G-powered Snapdragon chipsets. Hence, one can view it as a big push to secure the devices that will support 5G technology.



Norton manufactures the world's most sophisticated and highly effective security programs. Furthermore, makes it even more convenient to download the Norton Setup file on a system.

We have seen many antiviruses, but Norton functions and eliminates threats far more smartly and efficiently. The company is continually providing better protection programs for computers, and they have been improving their technology and security programs.

We advise you to go through this complete page to understand the setup procedure for the Norton antivirus.

Extending Norton Antivirus Protection By Transferring it to Another Device

Every antivirus software has a limitation to extend its protection features to a given number of devices. Thus, after reaching the mark of maximum devices registering with any antivirus software, a user wants an effective solution. However, with Norton, it is possible to extend this protection, but in an alternative way. Let’s understand that Norton ensures that the user can get protection for another new device after they have exhausted their options. Before doing this, the user needs to visit the Norton login/sign-in portal.


Christopher Nolan Agrees For Adaptation of His Movies Into Video Games

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan shared that he is interested in the idea of adapting his popular movie into games.

One of the renowned filmmakers of the industry, Christopher Nolan is a British-American screenwriter, director, and producer. He has received 34 Oscar nominations and won ten out of them. The filmmaker is known for his metaphysical and epistemological themes. He explores the construction of time and human morality in his movies. Most of his works are inspired by the concept of narrative structures.


Do You Know Ben Affleck was Almost a Part of the Die Hard Franchise?
The veteran actor, most recently known for his role of Bruce Wayne (aka, Batman) almost played a part in the Bruce Willis starrer Die Hard franchise.Some questions have passed the test of time, and they are looking to continue entertaining us in the future as well. These questions are ‘have aliens visited us?’, ‘why is there suffering in this world?’, ‘what is the purpose of life?’ and ‘is Die Hard a Christmas special?’Source:
Norton is one of the best ways to evade cyber-attacks as it can automatically detect and block suspicious activities on your system. It has several protection layers to give you top-notch level protection for your PC or Mac. If you have tested Norton security utility earlier on your device, please download and install it again because Norton has added some enhancements and amazing things into it. The latest Norton has certain things that you won't find anywhere else. The latest Norton security program also has an improved Firewall to disable all kinds of cyber-attacks and suspicious online links. To get this newest utility on your computer, all you need to do is visit the Norton weblink
The Irregular at Magic High School: What Makes Tatsuya Shiba Special?
Trained from his childhood to become a living weapon, Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School is a cold and calculated warrior that must not be underestimated. One can make the mistake of thinking that he is weak because of his quiet demeanor, but nothing can be further from the truth. Tatsuya is a dangerous fighter with impressive powers that are often hidden behind his chilly demeanor. Although he is an important character, there are many mysteries surrounding him and his powers. Today we look at the aspects of his personality and his qualities that make him the fierce warrior and the talented magician.
It’s been nearly 29 years since Norton setup was released and till now it is fighting with malwares and viruses the same way it used to be when it arrived in the market for the first time. Although to meet the requirements of today’s rapidly expanding digital world, Norton is kept on enriching their products with advanced technology and specs. It is the reason why Norton has been considered as the best and most reliable product in the antivirus market. Norton offers a wide range of products that are compatible with almost every type of device available in the market. If you are willing to provide the robust security of Norton to your device, then do visit
How to Fix High CPU Usage While Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most popular iconic shooter video games. The popular game has been published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward. It is available on all major platforms such as Xbox One, PC, and PS4. If you are struggling to find an effective solution to fix Modern Warfare’s high CPU usage issues, then read on. Here is how you can fix this issue with ease.



Want comprehensive security on your system? Visit to download, install and activate the Norton security setup on the system which needs to be secured. Norton setup provides overall threat protection for your system along with various other features like cloud backup, password manager, robust firewall, VPN, parental control and safe cam and more.

Every user should have robust security setup on their systems. If a system does not have a security setup, it is more prone to cyberattacks. So, the users must protect their systems from the uncertain threats which could otherwise lead to the leakage of user’s sensitive data. The data stored in the systems may get corrupted or deleted forever if there is no antivirus security.